Trumpets in Concert Vienna, found by Leonhard Leeb in 1997, has reached its high international repute with outstanding Concerts at Austrian Festivals and in Europe. Long ago they drew the attention of the international Classic Label NAXOS on them as well as the interest of the Magazine BBC Online which published an article on them recently. This Classic Band is not just brilliant playing fortissimo, but also and especially when playing pianissimo. Brilliance meets sensibility or, as one of the Bands’ fans commented: “They play as elegant as Cerruti-Suits!” Every single entry on the scene of these trumpet players from Vienna is a magnificent musical experience. Musical Brilliancy and creative, extraordinary programs for their shows guarantee an evening full of emotions, no matter if they play at a concert hall or at a church or cathedral!

Being part of international Classic Festivals and publishing remarkable CDs helped making this Band popular and showed the Band’s high qualities. They performed at the Festivals of Bregenz and Salzburg as well as at the Festival Carinthian Summer and at the Festival “Proms at St. Jude’s” in London. Another highlight was the invitation of the Austrian president Heinz Fischer who asked them twice to perform at his inauguration. This inauguration was sent live in the Austrian TV ORF2. Last but not least NAXOS has published a CD with Trumpets in Concert playing. This CD is called “Imperial Fanfares” and is sold on the international CD market.

The music of Trumpets in Concert is refreshing to listen to – serious and popular music come together and melt continually when they play and so they delight their audience any time they appear on the scene with their unexpected and sensitive combinations of different types of music! Trumpets in Concert offer Brass Chamber Music in high polish quality!


 CONTACT: aml@pptv.at